My Solution Architect Associate Resume Project Part 1 – Introduction

"What I cannot create, I do not understand" Richard Feynman

Every time I try to learn something new I try to find a practical and hands-on way to do it, as, throughout my past learning experiences, I found that this is the best way for the knowledge to stick and have a deeper grasp and understanding of the big picture and each individual component.

I have been away from tech without writing a single line of code for exactly a year and it feels really good to be back(What I was doing is a story for another day). I started studying for the AWS certifications last month and cleared The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and now I want to find a project that can be the center of my learning, to apply and play with hopefully everything I study,

I don’t want to write any front end or backend code though, especially front end I already had my fair bit of that and I don’t want to drift from the goal which is the cloud, and I know for a fact If I stared writing front or backend it wouldn’t be just to get the job done, I will like always seek to perfect everything looking for best practices and what are the cool frameworks, libraries, etc.., but that’s not the goal, the goal is to master the AWS services and ace the Solution Architect Associate exam at the end of this month.

I already was planning on building a resume using WordPress, again to avoid writing anything myself.

Then I came across the Cloud Resume Challenge but I didn’t want to do that challenge as I already used these services before and also using vanilla JS and deploying a simple website wasn’t my goal I wanted something that looks really good, but then it hit me, instead of just deploying my WordPress website to a cheap easy to use hosting service like EasyWP which what I use at the moment, why not build a highly available, fault-tolerant, scalable and all the other fancy terms you come across when you studying Cloud and Architecture, not that I will use it for a 2 days old website with no traffic, but to apply everything I’m learning and have a real-world project to add to my portfolio.

And so it begins, in the next 2 weeks am going to be trying to build and automate everything starting from just using the AWS-CLI and writing a bunch of bash scripts to infrastructure as code with Terraform, the goal is to reach a point of provisioning and configuring an infrastructure someway similar to this

And provision everything with just a single command or a click of a button because I think that would be cool.

Thanks for reading thus far and love to hear in the comments if you had any projects you currently building or planning to build as way to apply the cloud knowledge you studying, and I will see you in the next blog.

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